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Wildlife Boxes

Our Gardman and Wildlife World range does not simply begin and end with birds. It also branches out to cater for all types of wildlife. Mill Race Garden Centre offers homes for hedgehogs, frogs and butterflies.  Install a beautiful Wildlife box for your garden critters, they will appreciate a well placed home and you get to watch them make it comfortable and care for their young.  

Hedgehog houses

Perfect for hedgehogs but also suitable for many small mammals, our Wildlife World Hedgehog / Mammal House offers a safe haven that can be used for hibernation, breeding and summer shelter. See what sort of wildlife will take up residence in yours – will it be Mrs Tiggywinkle, or another cute critter?

Toad boxes

Frogs and toads may not be the cuddliest of animals, but they can be a great asset to your garden and are also fascinating to watch grow! Our Wildlife World Frog / Toad House will provide a safe retreat from predators – so if you have a pond, any baby frogs will be able to use the box to stay safe as they grow. There is also a hinged top for viewing, so you can take a peek and see how they’re getting on – great for kids!

Butterfly havens

Our popular Gardman Wild Bird Butterfly Haven is fantastic for attracting a wide range of butterflies inside, as there are entrance slits both with and without landing perches to suit a variety of species. There are two large viewing panels, too, so that you can see what’s happening inside, and the hinged roof means that it’s easy to clean.

Bug box

The Gardman Wild Bird Bug Box Twin Compartment that we supply is extremely popular, and an excellent educational tool for families with young children. The two compartments in the box contain a number of nooks and crannies which are designed to attract a range of insects inside, and children will love watching the bugs crawl around their ‘hotel’ and discussing which sorts of creatures are living within.