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Snow Tools and Snow Toys

Whilst the adults hope they won't need them, and the children hope they will; we have a selection of sledges, snow shovels and de-icing salt to mean you can make the best of any snowfall.

Helpful Snow and De-icing Tips: 

Using a de-icing product requires more than spreading it around. Knowing the age of a side walk and the product’s ingredients are important to prevent damage. Before buying a de-icing product, consider the following:

• Concrete side walks and steps should be at least six months old, otherwise they can be severely damaged by de-icing products.

• Products containing ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulphate should never be used since these will break down even the most durable masonry materials.

• Applying de-icers near areas of vegetation can potentially harm plant life if strong enough concentrations build up in the soil

• To provide better traction use sand in combination with a de-icer or by itself. Here are several suggestions to help speed melting and minimize damage to masonry when using a de-icing product:

• Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and safety.

• Before applying, shovel and remove as much snow and ice as possible.

• Apply the product sparingly in the area of highest foot traffic.

• Apply the product away from the base of the building.

• Assist the melting process by shoveling and removing snow and slush, especially away from the building.

• In the spring, wash down sidewalks, building bases, and areas near vegetation to help disperse the residue of the product.