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Lemax Spooky Town

  • Trees


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  • Figurines


    Lemax Spooky Town Figurines Lemax Spooky Town Figurines are intricately designed figurines featuring spooky mummies, skeletons, grim reaper, skeletons. Are all painted with exquisite attention to detail and will truly make your spooky village come alive! view products

  • Table Pieces

    Table Pieces

    Lemax Table Pieces Lemax Table pieces features a variety of buildings, figurines, and accessories to complet the look of your Lemax Spooky Town Village.   view products

  • Accessories


    Lemax Spooky Town Accessories Lemax Spooky Town Accessories includes pumpking string lights, tombstones, lamp posts, pumpkins, skeletons.  You can find everything you need to complete your impressive Spooky Town Village.   Make it a Halloween tradition to … view products

  • New for 2019

    New for 2019

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Lemax Spooky Town Collection

Lemax's Spooky Town is a highly detailed collection of haunted houses, luminous landscapes and frightening figurines that are perfect for your displays, be they seasonally themed, or just to add a darker element to a scene.