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Gardening Clothing and Bags

Mill Race Garden Centre offers a large selection of bags and clothing from some of the UK’s well-loved homeware and gardening brands. All products come with our 90 day refund policy so that you can be sure you love your product as much as we do! Choose from a range of quality products from brands such as AC Jade, Gisela Graham and PM & PP as well as other leading brands.


It’s important to choose the right clothing - as well as tools - when you’re out gardening, cooking or doing house chores. Dressing the part shouldn’t only apply to when you’re going out!

Dressing appropriately even in your home is more than just about making a fashion statement. Many accessories and pieces of clothing can help with safety and increase your productivity during the day.

Make sure you’re ready to tackle your to-do list with our range of high quality clothing and accessories. We offer a range of garden gloves, aprons and bags to help you carry the essentials without fuss.

Gardening Clothes

Gardening can be one of the most rewarding activities to do, but it can also be a challenge. When out in the sun for the day it’s important to stay cool and comfortable; keep your head protected from too much sun and don’t be afraid to get down in the dirt!

With so many things growing, it can be difficult to identify all the plants in your garden. Without realising you may brush against something unpleasant, leave splinters in your fingers or prick yourself on small thorns. Avoid irritating your skin with the right gloves, tools and accessories to make gardening as enjoyable as possible.

Outdoor Clothing

Regardless of the weather, being outdoors is exhilarating. Even if you’re not the adventurer type there’s just something about being outside that brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Whether you’re out camping or just having a barbeque in your garden, be sure to protect yourself from the less pleasant parts of nature.

Outdoor Equipment

Be prepared for the UK’s infamously fickle weather with the right camping equipment. It’s important to also do as much research as possible on where you plan to go camping – especially for the less experienced.

While probably not as dangerous as braving the wild, it’s still just as important to ensure that you prepare the right gear for when you decide to barbeque. Choose the kind of fire fuel you feel most comfortable using (whether it is coal or logs) and ensure you are not too close to any open flames.