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Vegetable Seeds

We offer a complete range of vegetable seeds to keep your vegetable plot flourishing all year round.  Growing vegetables is a great way to inspire kids (and adults!) to eat healthier, and it’s a fun way save money on the weekly shopping bill.

Carrot Seeds

Whether you want blunt ends, rounded tips, spherical roots or even an orange, purple or yellow carrot we stock a wide variety of carrot seeds to suit every need!

As the name implies, the Eskimo F1 will stand well in frosty conditions and has a high tolerance to disease.  For a very sweet flavour with strong colour the Amsterdam Forcing provides a delightful flavour early in the season.

Cucumber Seeds

As a traditional vegetable cucumber seeds are quite at home in a glasshouse or outdoors.  We stock a wide range of cucumber seeds including Gherkin Cucumbers ideal for pickling.  The Cucino F1, a mini-cucumber – ideal for lunch and snack boxes!

Lettuce Seeds

Growing your very own lettuce is a great way to add some additional flavour to those crispy summer salads. With a wide range of lettuce seeds you’ll be sure to add excellent flavours to your salads. 

Aptly named Red Fire this lettuce has deep red leaves that produces excellent flavours for salads.  A little less fiery the Arctic King is a very hardy butterhead type – great for growing outside during winter!

Courgette Seeds

We stock a wide variety of courgette seeds from the top-selling Zucchini to the spherical Floridor F1 - you’re sure to get a high yield with these vegetable seeds!

An easy to grow vegetable courgette plants are renowned for producing high amounts.  For the best flavour it’s best to pick them when they are small, and remember to pick them often so they have space to keep producing!

Leek Seeds

Looking for a tasty winter vegetable that can improve heavy soils? Selecting any of the leek seeds from our range and you will not be disappointed by the benefits this vegetable can bring to your plot. 

Whether you choose Pot a large exhibition variety, or an extremely winter hardy Tadorna, your traditional cock-a-leekie soup will taste sublime!

Cabbage seeds

One of the most versatile vegetables cabbage can be used for cooking, pickling, in salads or in coleslaws – it comes in a range of colours, sizes and crunches!  Depending on what purpose you need it for our complete range of cabbage seeds will have you harvesting throughout the year.

Placed on the throne as the hardiest of cabbages the January King has a red tinge and crops from December to January.

Cauliflower Seeds

Regarded by many with green fingers as the test of a real gardener.  Select some of our cauliflower seeds and try your hand at growing this difficult vegetable.  Don’t be put off though with good planning, regular care and a small dose of common sense, you can have cauliflower on your table all year round.

With large curds surrounded by dark green leaves the end quality of the All the Year Round is the mark of a good gardener.