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Peas and Beans

Peas and beans are easy to grow, take up little space and they’re great for children!  Planting pea and bean seeds are a great way to get children interested in where food really comes from – most children think they come from a plastic bag!

Runner Bean Seeds

We stock a wide variety of runner bean seeds which are the most popular variety of beans for home growing.  They grow to approximately 25cm long!  It doesn’t get much better than freshly picked runner beans from your very own garden.

For a royal class bean that produces long slender string-less pods Lady Di comes highly recommended for the show bench.

Dwarf French Beans

Dwarf French beans don’t enjoy the cold weather, and it’s best to sow them when the weather has warmed up - they are easy to grow and yield great results.  Pick the pods often to encourage more growth and then cook the pods whole – enjoy!

Seen as the best Dwarf French bean for some time Faraday produces a pencil like pod that is strong in colour. Canadian Wonder is packed with flavour and yields heavy crops of oval to flat pods; no wonder it’s an old favourite!

Broad Bean Seeds

Broad beans are hardy plants that grow in most soils and climates.  Giving broad bean seeds to children is a great way to get them in involved with the gardening as they are one of the easiest plants to grow!

Giving an early, and heavy crop, the aptly named Masterpiece Green produces a flavoursome green bean inside a long pod.  With an illustrious history Bunyards Exhibition was introduced 100 years ago!  Don’t let its age fool you as its long pods house 8 or 9 beans of good flavour.

Climbing French Beans

When planting climbing French beans it’s important they have a support to climb up.  Because, as the name suggests these beans love to climb!  These frost tender beans yield big in Britain’s hot and dry summers and are becoming increasingly popular with UK gardeners.

Easier to grow than pronounce Barlotta Di Fuoco is one of the most attractive beans with bright green pods and a splash of red.  Looking to grow the tastiest French bean? Look no further than Cobra, a gardeners favourite, this bean can be grown indoors or out

Pea Seeds

Many young people today have not seen a pea-pod and have only tasted peas from a freezer bag!  Buying peas seeds and growing them yourself will produce a sweeter flavour as peas are best eaten 30 minutes after harvest before the sugar turns to starch.  The most popular garden pea is the Onward Pea which yields plump blunt ended pods with large flavoursome peas.