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Lawn Care - Grass Seed, Moss Killer & Lawn Fertiliser

Every garden is different and has varying needs. Various types of grass require different products and preservation tools to help maintain a garden. It can be very difficult to grow grass from seed in areas which are likely to be trampled upon, especially along lawn edges and in deep shade or direct sun.

Patch Fix Formula

When trying to grow grass in hard to grow araes, a patch fix formula which contains grass seed and a blend of other ingredients is likely to be the best option. Here at Mill Race Garden Centre, we have a range of patch fix formulas to choose from, which all ensure patches are made even and repaired within days. A very good example is the Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Grass Seed which has many positive reviews. Grass quickly uses up plant food reserves in the soil, turning pale and thin if not being regularly fed with extra ingredients. Grass food is useful because it helps the grass develop side shoots and thickness to help protect the lawn against invasion from weeds and moss which thrive in low nutrient conditions.

Lawn Seed 

Generally if the overall grass cover of your lawn is thin and/or there are noticeable bare batches around the lawn, then over seeding may be a necessary plan of action.  Over seeding is ideally done throughout autumn or in early spring. You can use a rake to loosen the soil surface and then sprinkle lawn soil into the existing surface to provide a fine seed bed. You can view our range of lawn soil products from Evergreen and Westland, coming in a range of sizes and amounts relative to the size of your garden. Evergreen grass seed or miracle grow patch magic grass seed can then be applied evenly over the lawn at approximately 25g per square metre. Rake the grass seed into the soil surface and water every few days. You should begin seeing results in 10-14 days or so.

Moss Killer

Lawn moss is found most often on lawn which has poor drainage and predominantly in the shade. If you have problems with lawn moss, (often a problem which occurs in Spring and Autumn) you could apply Bayer Moss Killer and then try to remove the causes. Following this process by spiking will improve drainage of the lawn.

Application of lawn care products can also be a challenge. There is a chance of under-application, which leaves the lawn looking uneven, and even worse, over-application which leads to burning and damage to the grass. In order to avoid this, it may be a good idea to use a Westland Lawn Spreader to apply granular lawn care evenly, accurately and efficiently across the grass. Feel free to browse the range of lawn feed and care products we have here at Mill Race and have your garden looking lush and lively in a matter of days!