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Garden Plants and Flowers

At Mill Race Garden Centre you can find one of the largest selections of plants and trees in East Anglia. Not only will you find plants that are ‘looking good’ but you also find an extensive A to Z of plants and trees kept well stocked all year round. Our retail plant and tree area covers more than 2 acres! We have UK and local growers producing plants for Mill Race ensuring our stock is always of excellent quality. We also import plants from Holland, France and Italy ensuring a fantastic selection not only of ‘bread & butter’ ranges but the rare, unusual and the not so often seen plants and trees!

Something that really sets Mill Race apart from other plant retailers is the extensive plant knowledge and advice we provide to our customers. Our experienced staff can help with every aspect from plant identification and care to practical advice on planting, pruning, lawn care and much more.

If you need help, our experts are always on hand to answer all your queries.

Here at Mill Race you will find…

  • 100+ varieties of conifer 
  • 500+ varieties of flowering shrubs 
  • 100+ varieties of climbing plants 
  • 200+ varieties of flowering and fruiting trees 
  • 600+ varieties of herbaceous plants 
  • 50+ varieties of bamboos & grasses 
  • 100+ varieties of roses 
  • 100+ Marginal plants, floating plants & lilies for ponds

As well as citrus and conservatory plants, soft fruit, alpines, bedding plants, hanging baskets, ferns and topiary.