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  • Water Timers

    Water Timers

    Claber Water Timers Claber water timers are the best on the market and cater for all types. view products

  • Micro Irrigation

    Micro Irrigation

    Claber Micro Irrigation Systems A wide variety of sprinklers, 2 way/4 way couplings and threaded adaptors; to make watering the garden a much more convenient chore for you! view products

  • Hose & Carts

    Hose & Carts

    Claber Hose and Carts Multiple length hoses for the hard to reach areas of your garden. Tidy & compact in storage with the help of a hose reel, also making it easy to use! view products

  • Hose fittings

    Hose fittings

    Claber Hose Fittings ‘Quick-Click’ couplings to attach to your hose in a matter of seconds! Easy to fit and use. Strong and reliable. Great value! view products

  • Spray Guns

    Spray Guns

    Claber Spray Guns Whether you’re watering the shrubs or the kids are outside having a water fight, you’ll find our variety of multifunction pistol guns handy & fun! view products

  • Pop Up Irrigation

    Pop Up Irrigation

    Claber Pop Up Irrigation Underground & oscillating water sprinklers, sprinkler tripods and all other accessories needed to keep them working effectively. Have a look here! view products


Masters of Water

Claber are the pioneering manufacturers of quality, eco-sustainable irrigation and gardening products. The leading international name in innovation and efficiency in their industry, Claber have combined cutting edge research with ergonomic design to produce merchandise of the best quality for over 40 years.

Origins: Metal Carts

Claber was established in the 60’s and immediately presented itself to the market as an innovative name with its first metal carts in 1969. The selection of colours, original design and the quality of professional-grade materials used in the production of the carts; helped the company to develop a distinct corporate identity. The choice of steel with epoxy paint for resistance to the elements; and wheels with tread to avoid damaging turf are design concepts which are still very much in use currently.

Claber Company Objective

Even though the company was created in the middle of an industrial and construction boom, with the arrival of plastic and its use in everyday life; Claber maintained the objective and intuition of keeping harmony with the contemporary world and restoring links with nature through the garden, and has seen this vision through until now. The success of Claber is founded on a simple principle. The company wish to make the science of irrigation accessible to everybody, through the exploration of new frontiers in technology, design, value and quality.

Between 1969 and 2000, Claber increased its surface coverage eight times over; but has not only grown in size over that period until now. Continuous applied research, partnerships with tertiary institutions and professional training are the factors which develop the most vital asset- knowledge, daily.

Claber Irrigation

The products at Claber can be grouped into three different types:

Above Ground Irrigation: Claber hose pipes

These are products designed to satisfy most of your diverse gardening requirements. This group of products range from connectors, hose pipes and carts, sprinklers and a variety of accessories. These products have been designed incorporating some basic yet vital principles: ergonomics, durability and optimisation of water consumption.

Drip Irrigation: Claber water timer systems

Drip irrigation, or micro-irrigation is an irrigation method that saves water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, through a network of tubing, pipes or valves. These products, such as the water timer, make programming and controlling these systems, simple and easy to use, so you can keep indoor plants or garden shrubs watered even whilst on holiday!

Underground Irrigation: Claber sprinkler systems

This type of irrigation is a method that delivers water to gardens and lawns through buried hoses, pipers and sprinkler systems. Claber systems are designed to professional standards but installation and maintenance are made to measure for your home garden, to make life easier for you. The new pop-up sprinklers combine functionality with simplicity of use and come in various specifications to suit your preference.