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Dog Collar & Leads

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Dog Collars and Leads

Introduction to the Collar

When you are first training your puppy to put on his collar, think about giving him a reward, that way he will associate the collar with good things! Generally clip type collars are easier to put on and you don't have to fuss with buckles.  Giving your puppy a treat immediately after you put on his collar will teach him to like his collar.  

Introducing the lead: training tips

Once your puppy is used to wearing the collar you can introduce him to the lead.  Try walking around the house with his collar and lead on.  Give him a few snacks so he associates the lead and collar with positive things.

Try not to pull on the lead and collar as that will startle your puppy.  You want to teach him to walk beside you without pulling on the lead.  Good lead walking training takes time and practice.